entrance WORKS is looking for members who can contribute to web design. Mainly designing for clients, designing, producing and editing their own websites, etc. entrance WORKS welcomes people who take the initiative to test their skills and ideas and make a variety of proposals. You will gain a deeper understanding of new designs and creativity in the fashion and design industry. You will be part of a small elite team and depending on your initiative, you will be able to achieve a lot and become a great added value for entrance WORKS. With a diverse workforce, you'll get a lot of different assignments and no two days are alike. The team does not need outstanding physical strength or sense of style, but people who can get closer to their goals and images. They need people who are up for a challenge, have a commercial flair and are client-focused.

About entrance WORKS

Established in 2020.

Based in Tokyo and Berlin with the concept of "a studio where various nationalities and races gather and challenge themselves."

Creators from different industries gathered and started working as a team.

The team's core is "techno" in all their projects, and they focus on shooting and styling their own creations, as well as producing self-produced products designed by team members, graphic design, sports creativity, product design in collaboration with companies and artists, and more. Design and many other tasks.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious person. Application requirements are below.

・No academic qualifications required

・Able to stay with the company for at least 6 months

Enthusiasm for entrance WORKS

・Interest in the creative team

・Someone who is good at web design

・Experience with HTML, Java, etc.

・Able to propose many ideas and communicate well

・Good at English or Japanese and can speak it

・People who like fashion and creation and have a positive attitude

・Currently living in Japan "not essential"


We have creators from other industries, so you can learn a lot.

If you are involved in a project, you will receive a special bonus in addition to your salary.

Of course, independent production is also possible.


If you are interested, please enclose your CV and motivation and send it to entrance WORKS

Please send them to hallo@entranceworks.com